KARMA IN SPADES or How I Won The War

 a quick one while she was awayAll we kno is nothing else except what’s given to ourselves as ones to labor as ones to sleep as ones to procreate the feat of fate we pay to impeach ,as we learn to not go too deep on something darling that’s just too cheap to show affection ,but then defeat will stir me to a starling wall of turgid torrents and reckless flaws ,so pestilent it hones the claws to climb the steepness ,to scale the quell, the knell that smells so trivial, but oh ,so convivial ,cause they are the deliberate desires so enviable of a peal that reveals the steal so concealed of our honest complaints in our mortal remains lest a lesson we seek to harm others more weak,and then will compassion ring into the breeze and back on to us with blatant distrust .. why muss with the fuss? ..love what u do and make every bit true then the cream shall come thru for others to brew and to savor the stew …it all comes back to u…so be true without any further adieu…

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