SIAMESE SINS under the CRESCENT WRENCH paliated by perserverance and palatial patience

A melting potpourri blends history too deep to wade in yr knees so change will be better so glimpse in into netherworlds ,tempt what u savor, and favor the slave who quivered to shiver and peddled the whittle to settle acquittal to rather ingest the most cheesy festers that mussed up to pester and once served to fluster the neighborhood jesters a chance to chime chains and cherish in quest for a fermenting plain ..forever the failures the fawning of fennel affects fabled tillings that failed as deterrents that raged with insurgents confessed for a few less drops in the current for what’s due in stores instilled to be true a shiti bata biti a pedicure so sweetie invest a major wheatie in digit high graffiti yr all the sting u wanna bring into the swing a stable king a shadow worth remembering to yr view but old to a few , a partial view to texture which clothes a lot of gestures and makes the wrong impression of impure lost obsessions that mirror slight inflections that offer predilections simply shadowed less in smoky bar selections for a tainted cast in playing out the chess men simply for the best win and living under the CRESCENT .. also SIAMESE SINS, soon to be its own blog when the time is given up and the whims are wafting thru the attic of acid and ferment cause chalk aint for breakfast anymore… keep in store .some music and more …S.O.

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