Panhandling Sandals off the Shores of Spain -change is good

Wanna bleed wanna see chances be unfortunately make it stop hit the pot chase yr trot to matter what it gathers and not to shatter  once in tatters kinda makes u seek the lather just to wash out all the bladder take the better road to fatter ways and faking days of worthful memories of tempting time of tempting rhyme and chances are ull get quite far and manage what u make of it a challenge that’ll trust the scent  and make the trip a charming  dance  as worth the while as worth the prince who will commence to honor in yr chance  and glance will stand  to romance  .. the ants will advance when all is past  so nevermind the shallow grind cause no one will remember it  unless u make it heaven sent  and still the shine will dim in the end  unless u spend  eternity in  mating  yr manners and loving  yr brethren    … the sun is settin the crowds are lettin the tide is hinting .. fall back and listen.. no cares .. just listen ..  no lair just listen  .. anyone  there? just listen  no cares just listen aware envision its stereolicious to vary is precious to cherish is luscious to carry and bury  the cherry that  makes it so good  that turns it to wood that builds up perfection forever elections car sales and injections forever it seems forever it breathes forever endeavors will be in the streets .. make it as sweet a virtuous treat ..just listen… seee? just listen .. what key?  … just listen …its free.. envision   .. u see?  just listen  .. bueno

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