yr raised what it means to be real good
  dont sweat if at times u never lived thru
  cold sweat with regret it’ll drape u
  allover the tears will bead

  contrare to popular opnion
  fantasize with hopes in their eyes
  stuck with a family that’ll stick thru
  thick and thin as the skin they gave u

dont tell me ,dont tell me why…

  i learned  u burned away yr insight
  enough to march into the twilite
  with family chanting by yr side
  allover yr breed will cease to be ..

  yr pain is the chain of redemption
  yr thoughts to marry with intention
  will only speed up the lynching
  how long will it take to fit in

   papa dont ask forgiveness
   mama dont tell me no lies
   if u could never see straight
   why u gotta be that kind ?

   living in the caves will get ya
   into paranoia all the time
   what’s up with the main frame
   heaven knows its strange
   but why u gotta be so blind?

dont tell me dont tell me who

  inside you’ll dig another window
  look upon my innuendos
  cool slacks its a matter of fact jack
  allover the feces breathe

  u’ll shake at mistakes that never came true
  ill walk the aisle  in yr venue
  who cares what is better to remain here
  allover the scene is safe to me ..

  u walked away when all consumed u
  its the best to see the least that she believes in me
once in awhile make up yr mind what would u do
if yr stuck on me at least u ‘ll
see me in yr shoes

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