Website Launch – May 1st

Moon Maan is excited to launch a redesigned website along with  a new video and also  a debut album on Itunes by May 1st   with the hard copy hitting the stores by June 5th  on Catlick Records  .. glad u stopped by as we are in the middle of construction as we speak .. have a glass of wine and enjoy what we have if u have stumbled upon us .. hope to see u often — 🙂

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  1. Peter Moore Says:

    so to give you guys a an englishman thats just moved to sweden to be with my gf. i was searching online for the meaning of a couple of of which being “mån” and your website poped up so i had a look. like the design and actualy look forward to hearing any tracks you add. oddly enough i actualy saw you play when i was stuck waiting for a plane over there once lol some very nice stuff!
    Oh and if you want any help with the webisite coding just let me know and ill do what i can, anything to help a fresh band 🙂

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