Do What U Need it To Do

Anybody dress uP?anybody fess up? any wanna guess how many lines that missed out oft to fail yr ornery and esteemed manner ma’am ?certainly not !but yr certainly hot !so instead of what it brings but  luck, to bring it nearer, to make it clearer ,and to endear her ,oh stop the jeers here ..   just a minute to soak my tears for when im in it ,assault the  limit , for peddlers and sinners who look so infinite  will  savor the sell,and  the mirror will share just a glance to cheer their  own life once cherished from chance less forced  in the saddle  for fear of the dance that’s  laid to rest  best ..what matters is fatter than shattered unfettered immaculate chatter ..the conflicts arise to  stage such a fallen impestuous virtuous  justified chalice that shines out the beauty of miraculous balance too meticulous  & ridiculous too  congestive  too oppressive -is  it worth something so emphatic but rather ecstatic – what cant be  in their own lives to complicate measures to channel  a jive and go with the ride forever which has  gone together with  nothing as steadier as  rain  that gentles the waves  that settles .. too careless to barely fair well and care to tell  such a drama past seen to perish from obscene and credible stardom just tell me the time where it tarnished yr power and failed to just cower and dry up yr shower of goals and objectives please make what u started and finish the dish  for the sweetsthey   will meet u in the end .

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