Moon Maan review & preview- The Onion calendar

from June 21,2007 issue on newstands..

Rick McCollum made a name for himself on the national rock scene as lead guitarist for Ohio’s The Afghan Whigs, but he’s lived in Minneapolis for more than a dozen years . So when the Whigs broke up in 2001 he naturally drew on local talent when he decided to step into  the role of frontman and songwriter in his new group Moon Maan\,including Push On Junior guitarist/singer Bryan Knisley,Signal and Report bassist Mark Pakulski,and Balloon Guy and Polara drummer Erik Mathison. McCollum’s lived-in vocals lend Moon Maan a bluesie,rawer feel than his old band- though it certainly shouldn’t alienate any Whigs fans- and his frequent use of a spacey theremin add a nicely spooky aura.Moon Maan headlined at Triple Rock for the  cd release party for its self -titled debut   Moon Maan on June 22nd which came out on June 5th, the same day as the Whigs retrospective set Unbreakable..

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