April 16th, 2007
Afghan Whigs Guitarist Rick McCollum Set To Release Moon Maan’s Debut – March 27, 2007

 Moon Maan is set to unleash their debut CD on June 5 on Catlick Records. The brainchild of former Afghan Whigs guitarist Rick McCollum, Moon Maan, is a ghostly, groovy, grisly, and bluesy sound that emerged along city streets and in the shadows of skyscrapers, where darkness and loneliness linger and cracks of hope appear like broken glass in the asphalt below.

For frontman McCollum, who contributes vocals, guitars and Theremin to the four-piece band’s Zeppelin- and Whigs-inspired debut, that kind of layering of experiences to create an entire world—and an entire sound–makes sense. “I love things that require a lot of tracks to make one sound,” he says. “I like to think of myself as a Maximalist Purist. I’m inspired by artists like Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus. I like using all these little things, all these voices, all these sounds, to try to make something else.”

Two years after the Whigs broke up, McCollum was alone for the first time in his life, searching for a family, longing to play music again. After playing the Theremin live (with 90 minutes of recorded original music) along to D.W. Griffith’s “Broken Blossoms” at the Red Eye Theater in Minneapolis in 1997, McCollum caught the eye and ear of an audience member, who seven years later asked him to play in the SXSW showcase that following spring of 2004. “When I was offered to do an improv set with the Theremin and guitar, I figured why not get a band together instead to bring down to Austin?” Hence Moon Maan was born …

McCollum put a band of talented Minneapolis-music vets together and began playing around the Twin Cities. Bryan Kinsley (Push On Junior, Snapperhead) joined on guitar and vocals; Erik Mathison (Balloon Guy, Polara, Mark Mallman, Jesse Greene) on drums; and Catherine Clements (Bayern Kurve, Dynamo Hum) on bass.

For McCollum, Moon Maan is the next logical step, the next layer, in his life and aural experience. “This new band has made me blossom a little bit being the main songwriter frontman,” he says. “With the Whigs, it was this safe family I never had. This is kind of the next step in the growing process. Maybe it is trying to find that parent that was proud of me. I don’t know. But I know that music is all I know how to do, and I’ll just have to be strong with that. Go with what you know by the time your feet hit the road.”

Interview w/ Exclusive Magazine

April 16th, 2007

Rick was interviewed by Exclusive Magazine [View Site] It’s archived here as well.

‘Standing Up To The Maan!’

MOON MAAN is set to unleash their debut CD on June 5 on Catlick Records. The brainchild of former Afghan Whigs guitarist Rick McCollum, Moon Maan, is a ghostly, groovy, grisly, and bluesy sound that emerged along city streets and in the shadows of skyscrapers, where darkness and loneliness linger and cracks of hope appear like broken glass in the asphalt below.

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grope the grotto ,grab for a grape ,and swallow the goblet

April 16th, 2007

 Welcome to the Official Moon Maan Site, where we come together to make some kind of answers worthwhile to make them rich with meaning  … make yr self comfortable and pull out yr vices for a ride of yr life….. bring yr own work and fetishes to the forefront like its yr last day on earth … still constructing so keep yr hard hat on… but heres some wine in the meanwhile … like my blood that dries up the flood that washes our souls away and leaves us to learn one more day…. ciao, ricardo

Wine in a Water Glass

April 16th, 2007

Sold as treats to the devil-rough, but level and beveled ..
These tunes were disheveled to croon the loon inside of u..
As the heat becomes yr beat, it brings the jungle to yr seat
And makes u dance the darkest feat of facing yr fears so meek
Let the music begin, just ride with the sins,
And proceed to drink up what u manage to think up
for the journey will end , and in time, suspend
the belief in achieving yr dream –
But have faith in what makes u, the lure of what takes u,
thru a song that u live for , of a love that u long for ..
And just keep on keepin’ on with what u got going on
Start to cease the wrong and stay strong –

Website Launch – May 1st

April 15th, 2007

Moon Maan is excited to launch a redesigned website along with  a new video and also  a debut album on Itunes by May 1st   with the hard copy hitting the stores by June 5th  on Catlick Records  .. glad u stopped by as we are in the middle of construction as we speak .. have a glass of wine and enjoy what we have if u have stumbled upon us .. hope to see u often — 🙂

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Video killed the Radio Star – the ship went down awhile ago

April 15th, 2007

Howdy Captain,

shot some footage in our sootage we call home where tunes are born black as betties , white as dover , the coalition is over got some electricity I didnt kno was in my home ..

How are the wife and kids ? are they with the feds? instead of the life u never blessed them with ?

nonetheless , yr time has been and gone I got a vision I got a look I got a manicure i read a book my ears are no good I need some plugs – u made me what I am today – a video nut a pity it stuck like a burr in the buff but take em out when u hit play cause both together will make yr day ..soon so watch for it in May

Yours Truly,

Moon Mayanaise


April 14th, 2007


Indeed a vestibule of remnants,a pattern of dutiful panaceaPalpably  at fault for a costly assaultuntil the chess piece leered and cheated fairly confused often abusedchatter long while say it twice take it nice in the body take it hard shake yr sight upon the law and make yr move oh purty chilemake it smoof too flirty whileall the hoopla sounds so seedy wait and chill yr bones careless wonder pays and shows the challenged met in sweat fell unto the managed mess of forlorn failures of the freckled geckowho made the driveby a lifetime achievement imbed instead a worthless cred and purged well to make swell the burned churn that earns the fern  



April 13th, 2007


  yr raised what it means to be real good
  dont sweat if at times u never lived thru
  cold sweat with regret it’ll drape u
  allover the tears will bead

  contrare to popular opnion
  fantasize with hopes in their eyes
  stuck with a family that’ll stick thru
  thick and thin as the skin they gave u

dont tell me ,dont tell me why…

  i learned  u burned away yr insight
  enough to march into the twilite
  with family chanting by yr side
  allover yr breed will cease to be ..

  yr pain is the chain of redemption
  yr thoughts to marry with intention
  will only speed up the lynching
  how long will it take to fit in

   papa dont ask forgiveness
   mama dont tell me no lies
   if u could never see straight
   why u gotta be that kind ?

   living in the caves will get ya
   into paranoia all the time
   what’s up with the main frame
   heaven knows its strange
   but why u gotta be so blind?

dont tell me dont tell me who

  inside you’ll dig another window
  look upon my innuendos
  cool slacks its a matter of fact jack
  allover the feces breathe

  u’ll shake at mistakes that never came true
  ill walk the aisle  in yr venue
  who cares what is better to remain here
  allover the scene is safe to me ..

  u walked away when all consumed u
  its the best to see the least that she believes in me
once in awhile make up yr mind what would u do
if yr stuck on me at least u ‘ll
see me in yr shoes

Panhandling Sandals off the Shores of Spain -change is good

April 12th, 2007

Wanna bleed wanna see chances be unfortunately make it stop hit the pot chase yr trot to matter what it gathers and not to shatter  once in tatters kinda makes u seek the lather just to wash out all the bladder take the better road to fatter ways and faking days of worthful memories of tempting time of tempting rhyme and chances are ull get quite far and manage what u make of it a challenge that’ll trust the scent  and make the trip a charming  dance  as worth the while as worth the prince who will commence to honor in yr chance  and glance will stand  to romance  .. the ants will advance when all is past  so nevermind the shallow grind cause no one will remember it  unless u make it heaven sent  and still the shine will dim in the end  unless u spend  eternity in  mating  yr manners and loving  yr brethren    … the sun is settin the crowds are lettin the tide is hinting .. fall back and listen.. no cares .. just listen ..  no lair just listen  .. anyone  there? just listen  no cares just listen aware envision its stereolicious to vary is precious to cherish is luscious to carry and bury  the cherry that  makes it so good  that turns it to wood that builds up perfection forever elections car sales and injections forever it seems forever it breathes forever endeavors will be in the streets .. make it as sweet a virtuous treat ..just listen… seee? just listen .. what key?  … just listen …its free.. envision   .. u see?  just listen  .. bueno

SIAMESE SINS under the CRESCENT WRENCH paliated by perserverance and palatial patience

April 11th, 2007

A melting potpourri blends history too deep to wade in yr knees so change will be better so glimpse in into netherworlds ,tempt what u savor, and favor the slave who quivered to shiver and peddled the whittle to settle acquittal to rather ingest the most cheesy festers that mussed up to pester and once served to fluster the neighborhood jesters a chance to chime chains and cherish in quest for a fermenting plain ..forever the failures the fawning of fennel affects fabled tillings that failed as deterrents that raged with insurgents confessed for a few less drops in the current for what’s due in stores instilled to be true a shiti bata biti a pedicure so sweetie invest a major wheatie in digit high graffiti yr all the sting u wanna bring into the swing a stable king a shadow worth remembering to yr view but old to a few , a partial view to texture which clothes a lot of gestures and makes the wrong impression of impure lost obsessions that mirror slight inflections that offer predilections simply shadowed less in smoky bar selections for a tainted cast in playing out the chess men simply for the best win and living under the CRESCENT .. also SIAMESE SINS, soon to be its own blog when the time is given up and the whims are wafting thru the attic of acid and ferment cause chalk aint for breakfast anymore… keep in store .some music and more …S.O.