KARMA IN SPADES or How I Won The War

April 10th, 2007

 a quick one while she was awayAll we kno is nothing else except what’s given to ourselves as ones to labor as ones to sleep as ones to procreate the feat of fate we pay to impeach ,as we learn to not go too deep on something darling that’s just too cheap to show affection ,but then defeat will stir me to a starling wall of turgid torrents and reckless flaws ,so pestilent it hones the claws to climb the steepness ,to scale the quell, the knell that smells so trivial, but oh ,so convivial ,cause they are the deliberate desires so enviable of a peal that reveals the steal so concealed of our honest complaints in our mortal remains lest a lesson we seek to harm others more weak,and then will compassion ring into the breeze and back on to us with blatant distrust .. why muss with the fuss? ..love what u do and make every bit true then the cream shall come thru for others to brew and to savor the stew …it all comes back to u…so be true without any further adieu…


April 9th, 2007

Another pic which engulfs like quicksand for the standing , quick for the sick and the light hearted, but the heavy handed and the beast inspired …wired for sound so dont fool around ….a blog is a blog but a burr aint a burr till it bathes yr bottom after balling in the dirt

…it grabs yr attention ,and raves for ascension , to reside in yr dimension of subconscious submissions and reflects on what u relish and selects what u embellish on what u dont see as yrself ,but needs a hand to help pull it off the shelves, so whatever works the best in yr demeanor is what u’ll see first as the keener ,but squint yr eyes and it will surprise with the objective opinion of the secret dominion that bears us the blight of blessings and bliss that we wont miss if its better yet dissed, so look into nothing to be yr something and face yr fears and dont let go , we ain’t got nothing else to live for ….baby its time to run..

..run to the last of 4 , called ACRID AND INCRIMINATING ,the evidence too obvious to investigate the milk off the mighty sword that paves the descension and desecration determined by derailment of daunting indemnities upon whence the perils of posture pulls upon yr lost years and bades yr abandoned fertility away to the earth then yr berth becomes yet another birth …so do not fear forever fear, forever here, wherever tears whenever fears forever nears the fortune leers and fate endears … no regrets… feel better yet .. ….S.O.


April 8th, 2007

When purity ends the cycle begins of rainless days and droughtful spins to fall beneath to cast a wreath in time for more excitement stored ..at one time then life seemed to win and take u by the hand , if not by demand, but still the will was built, the still was filled to infiltrate that grew upon us as of of late empowered catatonic state as passive can the water flow its burying the denser loads of loathing lust and liberal lost aloft in charge, upon what’s on ,upon what’s gone …when purity ends, then life begins .. r


April 7th, 2007

On a whim and a prayer ,babe ,just a phase in a cage, babe, all the china that was broken babe cant continue with the latest craze cause everytime i feel yr tension hit there’s a sorrow meant for others to surmise legit …how to meddle so unsettled it s a praise just to cattle call and share a piece so distant as we forsake insistent to dive amongst the demons can only mean what season that we may act upon some reason ….there are treasures at the bottom of the sea and no one will ever kno except the demons in me .. perilous posturing aging investing made once a blessing now needs some dressing to heal all the lesions that carelessly leads u to age old endeavors that stay for the better but hardly its ever too late for the pleasure a pleasure so tempting a pleasure so worth it a pleasure inviting the measure of whether a feather would weather a whim that whips with me a word that reminds me a word that designs me and further falls blindly to make me see proudly please make the sport handsome and give me a lesson i need to kno best of whats better endearing to make an appearance of shame once we near it insane please dont fear it a drain to wash here it tames once u bear it some gain in yr sidestep, some gait in yr totem …so grow what u kno …a force to betroth.. to perish with wisdom to cherish the growth … feels like it smothers to feel like no other so send me my druthers to whisk off to bed ..good nite ,good nite ,sleep tight …


April 6th, 2007

Channel 2 just aint enough .. bad reception may be tough ….enduring thru the slowest burn, only from the action learned ,will then a shell resemble growth…a sense well spent thru life betrothed, when agendas cease and banishes hope … imagine strife endures the knife too sharp to tear ,too far to care, of emotions where a shard of shame can place the blame endured at last for strength thats cast to live out fast appendage masked to pen a vast array once passed … a sordid task …so taste the blast, taste the past ,make it last the taste it shaded , taste the generous amount u crave it ,articulate amazing grace and better yet , a better place so wanton beet in the face , but better yet as modest chaste in what we could be great with haste will make the spirit speak to break before the fate calls to abate…

Dont Read Reviews Until Others Read Them First

April 5th, 2007

Hedda was a hopper.. had a popper didnt stop her with a scathing windy vibe which was the final ride .. it’s a bummer if yr number than the time u painted somber to the walls of eyes so wisely pushed among the strengths of blights so plush… so peril blinks and my age thinks ..and forever links us to the peace so creased but induced at least to make me sigh ,enabling us to asking why, as we blaze to the saddle which resorts to rounding cattle as we eatin’ FiddleFaddle ‘mong the forlorn ‘lone. ….. wake up its just a dream maan … feel the delight and steal the insight … shake it off to use it and make it worth yr own….. zzzzzzzzzzzz

Seduce My Digestion

April 4th, 2007

 kamikazes paddle with avengeance and drop yr doubts that lend us a shadow made as pensive and worried too offensive but make it surely winsome as proud the fallen tension will feast on Raise yr demitasses and drink yr aforementioned appraisals left to clinch sin and show us when abuse wins to conduce some attention to seduce my digestion and promote any questions that would sense any visions that were meant to amend us ……so send us all yr mentions…r


March 12th, 2007


im so glad to meet with u
u seem so welcome in yr state
while all that rationality
goes right out thru that open gate

ooh honest to god yr shit smells so …old

sometimes u seemed indifferent
only to find yr calm escape
appalled nonetheless that u appear
no reason to rehabilitate
why should u just hesitate
only to turn around and medicate

honestly u were making signs
maybe its a need to cheat yr own life
honestly u wanted to shine yeah
why dont u soon dear satisfy?

honest to god yr shit smells so …old

i said now baby,honestly u were making signs
maybe it’s a need to cheat yr own life
i wanna say now…honestly u wanted to shine
why dont soon dear satisfy ?

won’t u satisfy me ?

Saint Paul Pioneer Press

January 7th, 2005

Minneapolis Star Tribune

January 6th, 2005

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